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SGSW Web Design

R1200.00 / Once off Two Page Design Vat Incl (Excluding the Extra's.)

We will take your idea, add creativity and make it work for you!!!


We will have a look if the Domain you want is Available and we will also be able to do the registration for you.

Keep in mind Domain you buy for one year in advance.


Our Services include the following.



Web Hosting

Web Hosting can also be provided if needed pricing is very Competitive.


Web Design Pricing differs from how big you would like your page to be as well as how many Pages you would like to have within your design.

Iets van als!!!!!!

Hosting of site will cost R100/Month - Domain cost differ from domain you choose.

A Wise man told me some time ago. A Business without a sign is a sign of no Business.

More information will be provided on request.